Saturday, November 1, 2008

Twilight....Breaking Dawn

Okay, so yesterday I always do the Hip Hop challenge on SCS from Unity (or at least since I found them), yesterday was the Twilight challenge. Just in case you are out of touch with life (I was until August) it is a series of books by Stephanie Meyer and my daughter, along with a ga-zillion other people have fallen in love with these books. So the challenge was to come up with a card or a scrapbook page based on one of the novel covers. I chose Breaking Dawn, partly because it was the only one I could figure out but the second part was because I am not a reader but they are about to break this Dawn and I am going to have to see what all the fuss is over. Plus, the movie is coming out in November, I think on the 21st and so I am going on a field trip with my daughter's reading club to go see this movie. So here is what I submitted and I will add her photo later.

I am supposed to put, "Go Team Edward!"

Maybe I will figure it out after reading all of this.

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